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[pic] New Ye eun pic with her friends January 28, 2009

Filed under: Pictures,Wonder Girls,Ye Eun — cutegiurl @ 9:37 pm

yay haha i love her pics with her friends…..


anyways sorry for not updating…well there isn’t really anything to update anyways…there is nothing new….and also College week is being a pain….i am so tired every day of it…argh and can you believe? I, the one with asthma, played Volleyball?! lol….we’re lucky that we won…and i didn’t had an asthma attack hahaha….but yeah even the teachers are being a pain…always giving me tasks here and there…it’s so damn tiring….argh! i hope this week ends T_T sorry for not updating and i was supposed to sub vids but i can’t get to start it…don’t have time….im just squeezing this post in my hectic sched lol i just got home at 9 PM….T_T and i will be late even more for the next days…huhuhu….sorry for ranting…haha just want to blurt it all out!


anyways here is the pic

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

credits: wonderholic & cutegiurl


4 Responses to “[pic] New Ye eun pic with her friends”

  1. sun.hei Says:

    well i dunno what college’s like but i see it’s not really good..T.T i wish you the bests for pass through this week..and thx for updating even when you’re tired..

    ohh & btw the pic is so cute^^

  2. lolagurl Says:

    thanks for your hard work!!! good luck in school 😀

  3. Nepurr Says:

    Well even though you’re suffering through school thanks for trying to always keep up updated! and congrats on your volleyball win! : )

  4. cat_yubin Says:

    cant help but comment on college being a pain on the you-know-what.. hahaha.. because i totally have to agree with you.. its hard but i think working is much harder because a prof is kinder than a boss.. hahaha ^^,)

    i think the snowman in the picture is a girl.. hahaha:P

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