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[torrent] 01-25-09 Star Dance Battle January 26, 2009

Filed under: torrents,Wonder Bang,Wonder Girls — cutegiurl @ 12:16 am

im not pretty sure if this is the right show….the show where WG & Big Bang will battle against each other….but i am guessing it is this one..hehe i am downloading it right now hehe…download it while it’s still hot ^_^ believe me if you want this show, you better download it right now ^_^


Sorry about this but there was no WG involved…only comedians doing a So Hot Parody and i must say it’s very hilarious hahaha ^_^ there are a lot of stars here too like Kara, SNSD, Triple S, 2PM, Tae Yang & Seung Ri of Big Bang, SUJU-H & more ^_^


oh and i made mistake on the time sorry about that i think i like put on the info for this show that it will air at 10:30 AM but it actually ir at 10:30 PM…so sorry about that…..


anyways here is the torrent download


credits: movierg & cutegiurl


15 Responses to “[torrent] 01-25-09 Star Dance Battle”

  1. Honey Boutot Says:

    Hm, makes sense. I like your form of writing, its different, in a good way. Keep it up.

  2. anime_fan18 Says:

    how can i download plz help

  3. loluo-chan Says:

    How come SS501 didn’t participate in mini games 😦

    & how come they didn’t put their result.

    anyone knows why? pleas reply >.<

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