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[news] Sohee on Top 5 of Korean stars that impressed A-star magz staff A-star magazine Jan2009 issue January 25, 2009

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they are so true! She never fakes!

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Top 5 of Korean stars that impressed A-star magz staff A-star magazine Jan2009 issue

#1 DongHae of SJ –DongHae is Mr. Cute personality. Everytime we got a chance to interview him, he can always impress us with his smiles and attitudes. He’s willing to answer any questions (including the very very silly ones) and his innocent look while we’re interviewing him makes us melt.

#2 HongKi of F.T island –Mr. Pretty face! he can make the staff’s world turn so bright everytime we got a chance to interview him. He never ever gives us the 😦 face, no matter how hot it is or no matter how long the work would take. He can still smile. HongKi is very talkative 😀

#3 Yunho of DBSK –The super cool leader. Yunho is full of the leadership personalities plus his super charming smile makes us blind. He gives it 100% in his work and also be the good role for other junior artists also. Everytime we got a chance to interview Yunho we just melt with his smile.

#4 TaeMin of Shinee –Mr. innocent. We’re so impressed of his work. He’s so young but look at his work and his responsibility! He’s so talented in studying ,singing and dancing. While interviewing him, he impressed us with his shyly smile.

#5 Sohee of Wonder Girls –Miss Cutie, this girl is natural born cutie. She never fakes. When she’s in the good mood, she will smile. When she’s in the bad mood, she wont smile. And when we started to smile to her, she immediately gave the most lovely smile back to us 🙂 she’s clumsy in the cute way.

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source: sharingyoochun credit: A-Star Magazine translated by: sharingyoochun


7 Responses to “[news] Sohee on Top 5 of Korean stars that impressed A-star magz staff A-star magazine Jan2009 issue”

  1. kpoplover123 Says:

    sohee is so cute! she doesn’t need to act and try to be cute, because she just is!!! hope our mandoo gets to fullfill her dream as an actress! do you know what no. Leader Min is at?

  2. Nepurr Says:

    Yay our lil SoHee always keeps it real! yay glad one of the wonder girls broke in the top 5!

  3. tarro Says:

    ^^ totally! she never fakes, on shows and stuff when ppl ask her questions she just tells it like it is, and always giving her real opinion. She is pretty straighforward.

  4. krysti Says:

    Sohee is a very genuine person. If people would take a second, even minutes, hours, and day or two to get to know her maybe they would see who she really is? But its too bad people in this world just intend to judge too fast. I’m happy that A-Star Magazine sees her potential and picked her as their TOP Korean Stars. She is one hell cute girl that I have ever seen. I wish her all the best in the future with Wonder Girls including her acting career. Good Luck Sohee. Fighting!.

  5. Sohee Says:

    im so proud of her<3 our mandoo sohee is so pretty and talented(: she and wondergirls will become even more successful than they already are.

  6. sun.hei Says:

    yep i read that not long time ago and it’s so true^^ our mandoo sohee as. miss cutie^.^ hehe..

  7. Miso_luv Says:

    I’m just soo proud of her….So Hee is such a cutie!!! <33
    Thanks for the info!!

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