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[HQ-AVI] 01-13-09 Girl Group Ages on KBS2 News January 25, 2009

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this is a news about the ages of girl groups…includes Wonder Girls, SNSD & Kara…there is also a short interview on Ye eun ^_^ the korean ages are very confusing…but i know that Sohee & Sunmi are still 16 years old & Sunye & Ye eun still 19 & yoobin 20 ^_^in the standard aging system lol haha

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credits: WGCN & cutegiurl


4 Responses to “[HQ-AVI] 01-13-09 Girl Group Ages on KBS2 News”

  1. wgluv Says:

    hmm, speaking bout ageing on new year.
    Seung ri (big bang) was 18 years old, and they added 2 years to his age, and he…officialy became 20. or something like that,
    (correct me if im wrong)

  2. Nepurr Says:

    I can kinda see how that works? But I’ll take me a year younger, I dont want to age lol!

  3. wonderbea Says:

    In Korea, you’re already one year old when you’re born. And everyone becomes a year older on New Years Day, not on their birthday 😀

  4. Miso_luv Says:

    Umm Korean have others age just like my country but it isn’t very common in my country…
    Add 1 more age to normal age…
    <33 the clip

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