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[clip+news] Han Chae Ah, the new MC for Fantastic Partner dances to Nobody Rainstone Remix January 25, 2009

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she did well ^_^ she’s the first to do a version for the Rainstone Remix ^_^

to watch her performance click here ^_^


i will be replacing this link as soon as a youtube link comes out ^_^

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Kim JaeDong’s Sudden Shock at Han ChaeAh’s Seductive ‘Nobody’ Dance
“To Lack So Much Manliness…”
By Lee HyunWoo @ Newsen (nobody@newsen.com)

Han ChaeAh completed a magnificent initiation ceremony for her new role as partner to announcer Oh SangJin in a New Year’s special for MBC ‘Fantastic Partner’.

Han ChaeAh—whose face became known among viewers through the MBC sitcom ‘Elephant’—began working as the newest ‘Fantastic Partner’ emcee alongside announcer Oh SangJin and entertainer Kim JaeDong on the 25th.

On this particular broadcast, Han ChaeAh gave a stunning performance of , the ballad version of the Wonder Girls’ . Receiving cheers from the guests, Han ChaeAh demonstrated her hidden talents in dancing. During the performance, she and two dancers approached Kim JaeDong, who was standing behind them, and lifted the soul straight out of his body.

On being chosen to be emcee for the first time, Han ChaeAh stated, “I’m happy to be able to greet everyone as emcee. I’m lacking in a lot of ways, but I hope everyone can help me through a lot.”

[Soure: http://www.newsen.com/news_view.php?uid=200901251044581001%5D
credits: ppopki @ spectacle


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  1. tarro Says:

    that was pretty funny

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