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[pics] Old Sunmi photoshoot pics January 24, 2009

Filed under: Pictures,Sun Mi,Wonder Girls — cutegiurl @ 8:47 pm

i don’t know what this is for…but it was during the “after-Irony yet before-Tell Me” times hehehe

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

credits: wonderholic & cutegiurl


3 Responses to “[pics] Old Sunmi photoshoot pics”

  1. Kamille Says:

    how come sunmi is so soo pretty..lol..
    haha… she can be a drama actress with that expression…
    i hope i can hear her sing a ballad..

  2. wgholic Says:

    yeah i’ve never seen this before too
    but sunmi is really pretty ❤

  3. sun.hei Says:

    i never seen these so thx a lot^^
    4-D girl looks so pretty even without makeup.. and i love her outfit in the 2nd and 3rd pictures=] & you can see she matured a lot like sohee..:)
    thx again

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