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[YT] 01-22-09 K Will – Nobody (Wonder Girls cover) on SBS Kim Jung eun’s Chocolate January 22, 2009

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is there anyone else who thinks that K Will is like a carbon copy of Dae Sung from Big Bang??? i mean if there wasn’t a title saying that’s it’s K Will i will definitely think that it was Dae Sung who was singing! anyways he did an awesome job on this! it makes me feel like Nobody is a totally different song when he sang it haha!


oh and just wait for a while i am uploading something hehe ^_^it’s the Photoshoot/Interview of WG’s IVY Club on SBS Entertainment TV yesterday ^_^ and it’s HQ hehehe ^_^

tomorrow will be my last day of exams so i can feel relax now haha but not too relax….haha anyways yeah just wait for it ^_^


credits: nwa1998 @ youtube


2 Responses to “[YT] 01-22-09 K Will – Nobody (Wonder Girls cover) on SBS Kim Jung eun’s Chocolate”

  1. tarro Says:

    finally i got around to watching this but ur right that was pretty awesome, wonder what it woulda been like if the girls were there to do like backup vocals..?

    –hmm, his eyes remind me of daesung but his lips really remineded my of cha tae hyun-mysassygirl.

  2. kpoplover123 Says:

    that was amazing!

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