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[news] ‘Wonder Girls’ SoHee, It’s Hard Going to School~ January 22, 2009

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Candid pictures taken of the Wonder Girls’ SoHee at school are becoming the subject of conversation.

SoHee, who is currently attending high school, was actually a student before ever coming to hold the position of being a singer.

A variety of photographs—which offer a glimpse into what school-life must be like for SoHee—have been made public on the Internet and are drawing attention.

SoHee, who boasts the most popularity among the Wonder Girls members, has had her picture taken without her knowing it, often when she is looking away.

The sight of SoHee wearing her school uniform—perhaps the photographing can’t be helped because she is so cute?

Popularity is nice, but SoHee’s school-life seems like it can’t be that easy.

[Source: http://www.ytnstar.co.kr/_ln/0103_200901221007274536]
credits: ppopki spectacle


2 Responses to “[news] ‘Wonder Girls’ SoHee, It’s Hard Going to School~”

  1. Sohee Says:

    aw. poor sohee(: but it cant be blamed, if i went to her skool, hell id take all the photos i could(:

  2. kpoplover123 Says:

    mandoo so cute in her uniform! lol, it must be akward being the most popular girl in school! i wonder how sunmi feels like, her school has fanboys… any news on sunye at college?

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