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[pics] More pics of Sohee for Numero January 20, 2009

Filed under: Pictures,So Hee,Wonder Girls — cutegiurl @ 6:37 pm

i like this photoshoot ^_^ coz it totally shos another side of Sohee ^_^ so dark, fierce & mysterious & geeky haha^_^ oooh~ heheheh….

1st day of my Midterms has ended! 3 more days to go T_T

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

credits: etbbong & cutegiurl


7 Responses to “[pics] More pics of Sohee for Numero”

  1. Uyen Says:

    oh… so hot… ^^

  2. Kamille Says:

    dark.. O_O looks like in the old times.. haha

  3. deliviel Says:

    stunning! but i don’t like the one with those geek glasses.
    thanks 🙂

  4. Liz Says:

    sohee is sooo pretty ^^.
    but……whats with that glasses one? XD
    i love all of the pics!

  5. JLWG Says:

    Wow! Amazing!! Sohee’s such a pretty girl 😀 Let’s hope to see the rest of the pics! teehee

  6. sun.hei Says:

    wow she looks gorgeous*.*
    our maknae isn’t maknae anymore?T.T hehh just kidding..i know she will be always that cutesy ahn bang ool!^.^ but omg this photoshoot looks so awesome! love it<3 esp. the last picture.
    thx a lot^^ & good luck to your midterms!=]

  7. Miso_luv Says:

    I totally love the first pic….<3333
    so hee is so pretty…love her xDD

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