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[event] Wonder Girls Channel Launched on Youtube! January 19, 2009

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as many of you may know already Wonder Girls has their own Youtube Channel ^_^ and well now they made an event for us overseas fans ^_^ which is why i am so happy about it heheh ^_^

the clip of WG speaking in English was replace by them speaking in Korean w/ eng subs…hmmm i wonder why….


here are the details on how to join to the event

[Details for Lauching Event]

* Event Period : 19th Jan. 2009 ~ 28th Feb.2009
* How to join the event
1. log-in to youtube and find Wondergirls official channel to submit.
2. Write your feedback about wondergirls new channel under this video clip

For the lucky ones, we are going to give wondergirls album with our autographs.
Happy New Year!!!


remember to put you entries on the youtube clip not here ^_^


13 Responses to “[event] Wonder Girls Channel Launched on Youtube!”

  1. WonderAb Says:

    Because they deleted that video and created a new one.
    Request cutegiurl to change the vid to the new one or just go to Youtube to the wondergirls channel and watch it.
    But the new one isn’t in English it’s in Korean o.O

  2. LILY Says:


  3. WonderAb Says:

    yesohl92 Just do what you think is best.
    I’m sure more than hundreds of thousands are trying to win the same prize so what you think is best is probably what you should go with.

    And cutegiurl!
    They took down the english version of the video and instead have it in Korean.
    Just wanted to update you

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