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[pics] Unseen Fan Taken pics January 17, 2009

yeah here are some fan taken pics that i was supposed to post….but yeah instead of making an individual post for them i decided to post them all together

edited more unseen pics ^_^
more fantaken pics for Asia Model Awards

and an event that i also forgot

and i guess this was an appearance during tell Me promotions….was this in Star King…Sohee’s outfits looks familiar and she wore it during Star King…Sunye is the one that has her face covered with her hands heheh
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this was during on one of the JYP Concert

i don’t know when this was

credits: wonderholic, etbbong & cutegiurl


One Response to “[pics] Unseen Fan Taken pics”

  1. sun.hei Says:

    i never seen these…thx a lot^^

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