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[pic] 01-07-09 Wonder Girls on I-Net School Promotions January 13, 2009

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i don’t know if the spelling of  “아이넷” is I-Net or AiNet hahah but it doesn’t matter anyways ^_^ hehe our girls are so pretty ^_^ oh and check the schedule! Wonder Girls will be doing some appearances!!!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

credits: wonderholic & cutegiurl


6 Responses to “[pic] 01-07-09 Wonder Girls on I-Net School Promotions”

  1. Nepurr Says:

    It’s good to see something from the Wonder Girls!! I hope JYP doesnt keep them away for too long!!



  3. Khayn Says:

    wahh so cute. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Uyen Says:

    i ❤ WGs.. they so cute.. 😀

  5. Miso_luv Says:

    Ahh~~~ i love that smile from SunMi….<333
    Miso together <333
    one girl covers half of our yubin’s face =.= Lol
    & Ye Eun and Sun Ye soo gorgeous…

  6. WonderAb Says:

    Sohee is too damn cute I swear!
    And our silly 4D SunMi.. :PPP
    I love her crazy fun incredibly silly smile.
    Leader Min with LONG gorgeous hair! whoo!
    Yebin couple 😀 haha
    Lucky fans.
    I’m incredibly jealous.
    It’s pretty much oozing out of my pores. ;x

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