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[pic] Unseen pre-debut pic of Suye? January 11, 2009

Filed under: Pictures,Sun Ye,Wonder Girls — cutegiurl @ 9:49 am

Sunye looks good heheh and so white O_o

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

credits: WGCN & cutegiurl


6 Responses to “[pic] Unseen pre-debut pic of Suye?”

  1. sun.hei Says:

    ahh i can’t see the picture right nowT_T

    @WonderJJang i think i saw this pool somewhere but i can’t really remember..^^” btw is it me or it’s really looks like snsd getting popular each day (after their new mini album released)and i always see lately that they are far away from our girls in every pollT_T(like snsd is 4th when WG is in the 7th place..) i like snsd but i don’t think they’re that good…but maybe it’s just bcuz they have their comeback now and WG isn’t promoting anything..
    sry for the off-topic..

  2. minmaknae Says:


    lol..leader was all that even back then..so cute!


    I was wondering if everyone knew about the pools for this idol awards…wg is way behind and i dont think a lot of ppl know so i was hoping that if you can announce it on your website so wg can get more votes….
    the website is http://starline.sportschosun.com/numz/poll/index.php
    thank you.

  4. i3abyviet Says:

    she’s okay at dancing on my pov

  5. kpoplover123 Says:

    i think leader min is a very good dancer, she should show more dancing skills… I have a feeling that she has an incredible talent for dancing!^^

  6. muhria Says:

    whoa! although i dont like her bangs, why!
    i like her side swept bangs or full bangs better!

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