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[cutegiurl] CSProject 8: Sohee on Sendvoice January 11, 2009

Filed under: Cutegiurl Hardsubbed Videos,So Hee,videos,Wonder Girls — cutegiurl @ 7:49 pm

short clip…pretty sohee…sendvoice message…yup that’s all hehe

Please do not take this out of this blog without proper credits!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


translations: WonderAb
timing & encoding: cutegiurl@wordpress


8 Responses to “[cutegiurl] CSProject 8: Sohee on Sendvoice”

  1. 2B-Roxy{Bo-Hiem} Says:

    Sohee So BSC:Beautiful…Sexy..cute

  2. /b/ Says:

    i’d tap that

  3. /b/ Says:

    i tap that

  4. chellinx Says:

    thanks for this ^___^
    Sohee is just so cute~~ manduu!

  5. WonderAb Says:

    Don’t I feel special xDDD.
    Thanks cutegiurl

  6. Cassie Says:

    Thank you :]

  7. sun.hei Says:

    haha she is so cute^^
    thx a lot for the subs<3

  8. 4evermaytrang Says:

    yeah mir gefällt Mandoo sehr:X:X:X
    danke dir für dein upload:))

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