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[news] Wonder Girls’ cakes to be out in May January 8, 2009

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Wonder Girls’ cakes? hmm i would definitely buy one! i hope Crown Bakery also has a branch in my country TT_TT

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The bread & confectionary industry in on a quest to make ‘star breads.’ The plan is to market breads with familiar big star names attached and create a new demand for such products. In addition, the strategy is also being looked at as an alternative plan for reviving the slumping market by improving the images of the companies involved.

The first confectionary company to run with the idea of star breads was CJ Tous Les Jours. CJ Tous Les Jours began marketing the ‘YunA’s Sweet Potato Cream Wheat Bread’ and ‘YunA’s Kaiser Bun,’ both of which were chosen by Kim YunA after a sampling test.

Wonder Girls Cakes

The ‘Wonder Girls’ cakes to be marketed by Crown Bakery are also garnering much attention. ‘Wonder Girls Cakes’ motif came from cable music channel m.net’s, ‘Wonder Bakery’ which was televised last December. The idea of the “National Little Sisters,” the Wonder Girls, making a cake to present to the Korean National Olympic Team became the concept behind the “Thank You” cake.


The cake was initially planned to be ready in time for this past Christmas season, but production problems resulted in a delay. They are now estimating that the cake will be available on the market this May in time for either Parents or Teachers Appreciation Day.

A Crown Bakery representative revealed, “We’re in the middle of raising the quality of the cake design and toppings. We’re planning to call the product the ‘Wonder Girls Cake’ as originally planned.” Once the cakes become available, the Wonder Girls are expected to receive a running guarantee as well.

A bread & confectionary representative stated, “Star breads involve greater risk in that their sales are dependent on the popularity of the stars at that particular time. However, they do offer the option of selling additional items like dolls or characters and may be a reliable plan for getting out of the market slump.”

[Source: http://isplus.joins.com/life/lifes/200901/…0008010101.html]
credits: ppopki@spectacle


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