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[news] Sunmi reveals the secret behind her ring January 8, 2009

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haha how i really wish it was MiSo’s couple ring! hahah

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Sun Mi from the group, the Wonder Girls, revealed the secret behind the ring on her finger at a meeting with her fans.

The Wonder Girls met with 100 fans on January 7 at Seoul GangNamGu’s CheongDamDong Art Hole. At the event, the Wonder Girls’ Sun Mi revealed the secret behind the ring she had been wearing on her index finger for which she had been receiving considerable attention.

Given the opportunity, one curious fan asked Sun Mi, “Is the ring on your finger a couple ring?” Sun Mi looked at SoHee with a sincere expression and joked, “Actually, it’s my couple ring with SoHee.”

Afterwards, Sun Mi replied that she was joking and answered truthfully, “It’s a family ring. My mom, dad, and brother all have matching ones.” Laughing, she added, “Some couple ring.”

[Source: http://www.mydaily.co.kr/news/read.html?ne…10181135&ext=na%5D

credits: ppopki@spectacle


2 Responses to “[news] Sunmi reveals the secret behind her ring”

  1. sun.hei Says:

    aww i thought it’s really a MiSo couple ring!xD bcuz Sohee also has something like this ring…lol..
    but it’s cute that this is a family ring^^ i’m also wonder what kind of ring is it so thx for the info<3

  2. dohdoh Says:

    I’m her brother.

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