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[News] Wonder Girls will not play the lead roles for “Dream High” January 7, 2009

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awww i was really excited for this…..my excitement for this drama lessened since i knew now that WG will not be in it but i am still interested for their project…it is interesting ^_^

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BYJ & JYP’s Drama Collaboration “The Wonder Girls Are Not the Lead Actors”
By Lee HyunWoo @ Newsen (newsen@newsen.com

Once BYJ and JYP join hands to co-produce their first drama project, their collaborative effort will provide considerable insight into their prospects in the Korean and general Asian market.

Bae YongJun’s KeyEast and Park Jin Young’s JYPE are set to establish a provisional joint corporation shortly to back their investment and jump into official production stage for their drama.

However, it has been announced that this drama will not feature the Wonder Girls in the lead roles. The drama is also not being made with the group’s foray into the American market in mind. According to plans, the lead actors will be chosen in an open audition which will be held once the provisional corporation between the two companies has been established.

[Source: http://www.newsen.com/news_view.php?uid=200901070730341001%5D
credits: ppopki@spectacle


2 Responses to “[News] Wonder Girls will not play the lead roles for “Dream High””

  1. applemilk91 Says:

    As much as I don’t like WG for not being the lead roles,I guess it’s a good thing. Glad JYP gonna take it slow for the girls and not rushing things too much. Maybe they will appear as supporting roles?
    Anyhow,this drama is gonna be BIG!

  2. Miso_luv Says:

    It’s okey if they aren’t lead actors but maybe support actors…
    that might happen @_@….just seeing them appears in a drama even a little is enough for me to happy xDD

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