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[news] Wonder Girls going all-in for their first solo concert preparations January 7, 2009

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Wonder Girls Shutdown Broadcast Activities “We’ll Come Back More Mature~”
Going all-in on preparations for their February concert in Korea & US concert in March… Now they’re “So Hot” on the stage

By Moon MiYoung @ Sports HanKook

The group Wonder Girls is putting a hold on its broadcast activities.

The Wonder Girls are taking a break from their domestic broadcast activities in order to prepare for their first solo-concert after their debut which will be held on February 14.

A representative from the Wonder Girls’ management company revealed, “They have plans to take a rest from broadcast activities, as well as other entertainment activities, until after the solo-concert. The members are planning to fully immerse themselves in preparations for their first domestic concert in February and their March US tour.”

The Wonder Girls have been established as Korea’s top female idol group after charting consecutive hits <Tell Me>, <So Hot>, and <Nobody>. On February 14, Valentine’s Day, they will take to the stage before 5000 seats just 3 years after debuting.

The Wonder Girls officially entered into the preparation stage for their concert only recently after concluding their activities for <Nobody>. They have plans to depart for the US at the end of January to wrap up any broadcasts & performances that have been scheduled and will dive into concert preparations as soon as they return home.

Wonder Girls member YooBin stated, “We’ve had appearances scheduled practically everyday since the middle of last year. I don’t think we’ll have a chance to see our domestic fans for the time being. We’re preparing hard so we can give an awesome performance at our concert. I hope our fans look forward to seeing a more developed and mature Wonder Girls in the future.”

[Source: http://news.hankooki.com/lpage/sports/2009…07101691990.htm]
credits: ppopki@spectacle


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