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[news] U-know Yunho, Seung Ri & Yoobin fellow alumnis of the same elementary school January 6, 2009

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this is really a very cute coincidence hehe and i just have to agree to that fact! “KOREA’s TOP 3 IDOL GROUPS!”

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U-know YunHo & YooBin & SeungRi “Discovered to be Alumni of the Same Elementary School”
By Lee HyeRin @ asiae (rinny@asiae.co.kr)

It has been revealed that Korea’s top 3 idol groups share one common link—each has a member who attended GwanJu WolGaeDong JungAhm Elementary School. TVXQ’s U-know YunHo, the Wonder Girls’ YooBin, and BigBang’s SeungRi all recently discovered that they are alumni at the same elementary school.

The three were shocked to find out they were graduates of the same school when they all happened to return to their hometown of GwangJu at the same time on the first of January. Born in 1986, YunHo is the sunbae among the three, followed by YooBin who was born in 1988, and then the youngest SeungRi who was born in 1990.

It’s not the first time that fellow alumni have come to gain popularity simultaneously in the entertainment industry, but it is out of the ordinary to find such a common link between members in each of the leading top idol groups in music today.

A party for SeungRi commented, “SeungRi found out that the three singers had gathered in the same city when he returned to his hometown for New Years. The connection is pretty impressive.”

A party for YunHo agreed stating, “We all knew that YunHo and SeungRi had attended the same school, but it’s surprising that YooBin is also an alumni there.”

Someone close to YooBin stated, “We’d heard that all three people were fellow alumni. We agree that it’s a very surprising and strange coincidence.”

TVXQ, BigBang, and the Wonder Girls, currently represent SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment, and JYPEntertainment respectively. Combined, they swept each of the major awards at the end-of-the-year ceremonies in 2008 and each group boasts very strong popularity.

[Source: http://www.asiae.co.kr/uhtml/read.jsp?idxno=471907]

credits: ppopki@spectacle


5 Responses to “[news] U-know Yunho, Seung Ri & Yoobin fellow alumnis of the same elementary school”

  1. mamine Says:

    this elementary school must have lots of good looking and telented students…one day if i have my kids, i’ll send them there!!! kekeke

  2. Shinnie Says:

    Yunho and Yoo Bin are in the same university too

  3. WGluver Says:

    HAHA thats cute ^^

  4. dabao Says:

    Hmmm maybe Seungri can spend some time with his noona back in Gwangju??? They probably could spend some time talking about their exciting Wonderbang performance.. ^^

    Anyway so it seems like the girls have got a chance to go back to their homes for New Year.. Thank you JYP for letting them rest during the holiday period!!!

  5. blaaah Says:

    seung ri ah!! oh wow! it’s good to know that! yunho and yoobin seem to go to same schools.. aren’t they both attending school at Myongji university? keke.

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