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[news] JYP & Bae Yong Jun to Co-Produce Drama “Dream High” January 6, 2009

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so it was only a rumor that WG will be in the drama….but i guess sohee won’t let this miss as i am guessing she will be auditioning…or not? haha since they are finding NEW STARS hehe….but i really hope WG will be in it


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JYP & Bae YongJun to Co-Produce Drama “Dream High”
By Yoo SangWoo @ Newsis (swryu@newsis.com)

Singer & producer Park JinYoung (37) and drama actor Bae YongJun (37) are set to produce a drama together.

JYPEntertainment—of which Park JinYoung is founder and CEO—and Bae YongJun’s KeyEast announced on the 6th that they had reached a contractual agreement to co-produce a drama tentatively titled “Dream High.”

“Dream High,” which is to be co-created and co-produced by both teams, will follow the lives of students attending a school for performing arts as they struggle to become entertainers. The storylines will feature singing, dance, and acting, as viewers will get an exciting and realistic behind-the-scenes glimpse into the workings of an entertainment company.

Moreover, the collaborative effort is receiving significant attention from abroad in Asia, as well as the US, on account of the fact that both parties plan for direct involvement in the project.
In addition to acting as producer, Park JinYoung will also be responsible for writing and composing the musical soundtrack and the vocal and dance training for the actors. Bae YongJun will serve a variety of functions while acting as producer and overseeing the screenplay.

Each party is scheduled to invest in a provisional, joint corporation which will be established in mid-January. From there they will move on to the casting and auditioning process and begin conducting business relevant to production and the drama in general. Plans for marketing and merchandising are underway, including talks pertaining to MD, OST, copyright, set production etc. Grand scale auditions will be held as the companies are seeking talented new actors, singers, and entertainers for the project.

A representative for JYPEntertainment stated, “We are happy to have the opportunity to branch into an area of the entertainment industry in which we’ve been interested for some time” and “Park JinYoung is so interested in the project that he is personally producing the music and choreography for the drama and fulfilling the duties of General Manager.”

A representative for KeyEast stated, “We have the benefit of having both an actor and a music management executive on board. By combining the experience and know-how of both companies in both the Japanese and American markets and their established networks, we hope to produce a work that is competitive worldwide in terms of content. That is a goal we have mutually agreed upon.” Also, “Working off the foundation of our experience, we have a plan and strategy in place to create a work that appeals to people all over the world.”

“Dream High” is set to air in early 2010.

[Source: http://media.daum.net/entertain/music/view…017325&p=newsis]

credits: ppopki@ spectacle


10 Responses to “[news] JYP & Bae Yong Jun to Co-Produce Drama “Dream High””

  1. mamine Says:

    i do hope to see WG members in this drama
    (and 2pm members too)

  2. CT Says:

    The storyline is definately interesting 🙂 It’d be great seeing all the girls involved in this drama =DD

    Ahh I Can’t waitt!

  3. sun.hei Says:

    hmm the storyline sounds interesting…
    but i still hope WG will be in it bcuz i really hoping to see all of them in a movie(or drama)..aaah..

    and wow i just see that: “wonderers online 34″O.o wow it’s quite a lot… i mean your blog getting so popular^^ congratz..

    • cutegiurl Says:

      haha well there was even a time when 78 Wonderers were here all on the same time ^_^ and yeah it will be great seeing them all in a movie or drama ^_^

  4. krysti Says:

    I hope Sohee is one of the main cast..?

  5. dabao Says:

    Hopefully we’ll get to see some of the WG members acting in the drama.. It sounds exciting already.. A teenage drama about the entertainment industry is something nobody has done before..

  6. minmaknae Says:

    I really hope that WG is a permanent cast in this show..it’ll do WONDERs for their already high popularity!!..

    I don’t know if its only me, but doesn’t it feel like JYP is kind of making this show in dedication to his longest trainees –looking at the story line. Its like SunYe and JoKwon’s story—- I’d love seeing these two BFFs being able to show us what their training must have been like.

  7. Sara Says:

    What it means no Wonder Girls Drama ?___?
    i was excited T__T
    it will air in Korea or america ??

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