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[mp3] Yoobin & actor Jo In Sung talks on the phone on a radio January 6, 2009

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lol when Yoobin introduced herself the people in the radio where like “Yoobin?!Really?!” hahaha and PKL said that Jo In Sung likes it a lot(the fact that Yoobin called hahha)

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they are so awkward with each other and so Jo In Sung was like in awe when she knew that it was Yoobin! lol ^_^ he says he likes their song “Nobody” the most and if i am not mistaking Jo In Sung made a promise with Yoobin! hahah i think yoobin invited him to their concert in february & he said that he will come hhah ^_^ he also said that he likes Wonder Girls so much hahaha he was like “wahhh~” all the time haah i guess he can’t believe he was talking to WG’s Yoobin…hahahha and Yoobin even called Jo In Sung as “In Sung oppa”


here is a translations for the full mp3 cut of their talk ^_^

Jo In Sung: Wait a sec— (Jo In Sung was trying to figure out who the mystery caller was)
PKL: Please introduce yourself
Yoobin: I…um…I’m Yoobin from WG
PKL: Yoobin?! wow, you’re really happy aren’t you? (to Jo In Sung) Why don’t you two chat?
Jo In Sung: Oh my god
Yoobin: Hello~
Jo In Sung: Yes, Hello~
Yoobin: ah..yea…I really enjoyed watching your movie
Jo In Sung: ahh~yea
Jo In Sung: ohh…Wonder Girls (Yoobin laughs)
Jo In Sung: I’ve only seen WG on the tv screen, so I’ve never thought I’d actually talk to them in real life
Yoobin: Me too. I’ve always seen you in movies and dramas
Jo In Sung: ah..It’s really nice to meet you~really
Yoobin: ah..yes…nice to meet you
Jo In Sung: This morning, before coming here, I watched a re-run of the “Come to Play” episode with WG on
Yoobin: oh really?
Jo In Sung: I watched the part where you talked to your mom who lives in America
Yoobin: wow
PKL: instead of a friendly chat, this feels like a blind date or something
Jo In Sung: I really didn’t expect you to call..it’s really nice to meet you
Yoobin: ahh..yes.. I really enjoyed watching your new movie (“Frozen Flower”)
Jo In Sung: ahh…thank you
PKL: Is there a WG song that you particularly like?
Jo In Sung: “Nobody”
PKL: Yoobin’s rap in “Nobody” is the best
Jo In Sung: of course…it wouldn’t be anything without her rap
PKL: without her rap the song wouldn’t end
Jo In Sung: without her rap it wouldn’t be “Nobody”
PKL: she ends the song with “nobody, nobody, but you~” so..
Jo In Sung: absolutely
PKL: Yoobin, is there anything you were particularly curious about, and/or wanted to ask Jo In Sung?
Yoobin: He’s just so perfect that…aigoo
PKL: this is the first time I never heard Yoobin so shy (Yoobin laughs)
Jo In Sung: It’s really, really nice to meet you
Yoobin: Yes, me too. really. yea.
PKL: Then, Jo In Sung, do you have anything you want to ask Yoobin?
Jo In Sung: Yes..uhh…To be honest, when I watch you on tv..how do I explain…I always thought you looked really cool when you rap…so um…Are you really like that, do you have a tough-girl personality or ..I know that some girls just act tough when they are just really girly and have a lot of girlfriends. but I heard you’re an emotional person…I’m not sure if I can ask you this but….I feel like you’re the type of person that would cry alone by yourself when your stressed…that’s what I felt when I saw you on the tv screen
Jo In Sung: …oh this wasn’t really a question, was it?…
PKL: you had some deep thoughts while you were watching her on the tv screen
Jo In Sung: yea..that’s what I was thinking about
PKL: So how are you in real life, are you a tough girl or are you more of an emotional person?
Yoobin: It depends. When I’m with the WG members, I show them a lot of “aegyo” (cuteness), but when I meet someone for the first time, or a person that I like, I’m very blunt…
Jo In Sung: ahhh~
Yoobin: yea, that’s my personality
Jo In Sung: ahhh~
Yoobin: How are you right now, talking to Jo In Sung? Are you more blunt or are you more softer?
Yoobin: uhh…both
PKL: the staff outside all say that you guys are extremely awkward..like you guys are going on a blind date or something
Jo In Sung: It never crossed my mind that I would be talking to a “National Fairy,” I thought it would be someone I knew….
PKL: a “National Fairy”?
Jo In Sung: Never in my wildest dreams did I think this would happen
PKL: “National Fairy” Yoobin?
Yoobin: Yes (laughs)
PKL: there are a lot of people who are curious about WG’s future plans. What are your plans for this new year?
Yoobin: First of all, we’re getting ready for our first concert this February
PKL: On February?
Yoobin: Yes. by any chance, if you can come, I’ll send you a ticket
Jo In Sung: oh yes, I’ll go
Yoobin: oh really?
Jo In Sung: yes
Yoobin: wow. thank you!
Jo In Sung: yes, I’ll go
PKL: Ok then, it’s official Jo In Sung just promised to go to WG’s concert
Jo In Sung: If they invite me, I’ll go
Yoobin: Oh, we’re really grateful
PKL: Then Yoobin, can you please reserve a front row seat for Jo In Sung?
Yoobin: Yes
PKL: Jo In Sung will be super smiley watching the concert
Yoobin: I think I’ll be too nervous to perform in front of him
Jo In Sung: Thank you
PKL: You two are so awkward. I want to prolong this convo, but since we can’t, do you have any final words for each other?
Jo In Sung: I enjoyed watching your activities last year. And since you first gained love with “Tell Me,” I was really curious what you were going to do next. And also, I’m sure the other members had a lot of worries, but you all conquered them and once again garnered national love. I’m really glad that WG has become a nationally-loved group. It’s probably going to get more harder in the future, but I hope WG will continue to comeback with good activities, and good music that will make the whole nation happy… I’ll be watching.
Yoobin: thank you
PKL: now, it’s your turn to say something to Jo In Sung
Yoobin: uh…um…I can call you oppa,right?
Jo In Sung: of course! thank you
Yoobin: I really enjoyed watching your movie
Jo In Sung: Thank you
Yoobin: Thank you for always showing your charismatic side, and I hope many great news will be waiting for you in 2009.
Jo In Sung: Thank You
PKL: Yoobin, you asked him if you could call him oppa, but you never called him that
Yoobin: ah! yes,… In Sung oppa
Jo In Sung: did you just hear that? WG just called me oppa!
Yoobin: Yes, In Sung oppa, have a prosperous new year!
Jo In Sung: oh! thank you..wow
PKL: call her Yoobin-ah (informal)
Jo In Sung: ah…Yoobin-ah…thank you so much
PKL: Yoobin, thank you for calling in, I hope to meet you soon on the show
Jo In Sung: Thank You
Yoobin: Have a prosperous new year! (Yoobin hangs up)

PKL: I’ve never seen you out of words, when you were talking to me you were all chatty but—
Jo In Sung: it’s the Wonder Girls…I just talked to the Wonder Girls!!
PKL: were you that happy she called you “In Sung oppa”?
Jo In Sung: I’m going to brag about it to my friends….I wonder if I can tell them that I just made “dongsengdul” …do you know how much my friends love WG?!? I’m going to call them today!

**Jo In Sung requested to hear “Nobody” after this ^^

credits: wonderkid @ soompi


credits: etbbong & cutegiurl


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  1. KLyTH Says:

    did Jo In – Sung attend WG concert?! i cant find any article regarding this in the internet.. if he did.. is there any video or even a pic that he really appeared in the concert? 🙂

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