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Re-uploading old files January 4, 2009

Filed under: blog news — cutegiurl @ 10:40 pm

since wonder girls are resting…it means no schedule….and no videos for us…so i was thinking of re-uploading all the videos that has links that are not working anymore but it will be hard as i don’t know where to find my old files….it’s all in burned it CDs & DVD-Rs…..and there are so many of it….some CDs are i think not working anymore T_T so i will really need help from those who have downloaded my old files….please do help me re-upload….


Mediafire is a must or you can also use USAupload…no sites other than that……i really hope there are some people out there who will help me re-upload….especially theones in Infernoupload are a must re-upload T_T i have uploaded so many things in Infernoupload! argh! this sucks!oh and i will be starting from the very beginning i mean from December 2007 up to the latest…..


please do help me & be patient also for those who wat o download the old files…..i will also be quite busy (school work & subbing)


8 Responses to “Re-uploading old files”

  1. Ahyde Says:

    dont worry!
    i help you ^.^

    sorry no hablo ni escribo bien ingles, pero te ayudare en lo que pueda, despues te traigo unos links, ya que haces un gran esfuerzo creo que todos te debemos mucho! gracias por tu exelente trabajo!

  2. Sara Says:

    Hi Cute Giurl ^^
    i want 2 help u 2 Re Uploading old files …
    but i have some of them in HQ AVI …
    but it’s all about Wonderbang like their Drama in
    SBS 2007 & 2 Special Stage in Music Bank KBS …
    which site do u want me to uploading this video??
    and i want 2 ask u , do u want me 2 re uploading
    Wonder Bakery or not ???
    I Wanna Help U ^__^

    • cutegiurl Says:

      i don’t think wonder bakery neds re-up? does the link don’t work? please do upload them in mediafire or USAuplaod but Mediafire is mostly preferred

  3. Kamille Says:

    haha… hooray.. for the regulars..
    haha count me in..
    sorry.. i dont have any files T__T

  4. (^_^)Ongamo Says:

    Big Thank to MiSo_luv and cutegiurl to re-up those Hot vid i’ve missed.
    How can u do these cutegiurl!!! so generous / be kind / and many more.
    Now i’m your blog’s fan (^_^)

  5. JLWG Says:

    Ahhh! I would so help you, but I only heard of your site since October 2008 =[

    But I pretty much have all the rar’s and stuff since then, I hope 😀

    If you need anything just tell me! Hopefully I can help you


  6. Miso_luv Says:

    Awww…i know ur blog after Infernoupload broken!!! I check ur post in the past and i;ve found a lot of interesting clips so it wud be really nice of u to re-upload it!!!
    Anyway thank you for ur hard-working!!! Just take ur time becuz we’re no more in hurry to upload or anything….

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