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[AVI] 01-02-09 Wonder Girls Cut on Fighting Korea – Park Tae Hwan Special January 3, 2009

Filed under: videos,Wonder Girls — cutegiurl @ 8:48 am

here is the cut…WG were only in it for a short while as i thought ^_^ hehe  they also perform a little bit of Nobody ^_^

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


credits: movierg(original file) & cutegiurl


8 Responses to “[AVI] 01-02-09 Wonder Girls Cut on Fighting Korea – Park Tae Hwan Special”

  1. kpoplover123 Says:

    no offence, but sometimes you’re kinda harsh… like cutegiurl said, she just wanted to express her feelings, I’m sure she didn’t want to put anyone down… maybe you felt that way, but I didn’t… everything will be ok, antis have never satisfied with anything… don’t be to upset, cheer up! don’t let antis get to you!

  2. WonderAb Says:

    Ah well thank you for putting us all down now.

  3. wondergirls4ever_94 Says:

    I know, it is so harsh… school is coming soon, and i really need something to put me on high spirits, because lately i have been so down because of those ignorant, harsh, mean comments… cutegiurl, thanks for all your hard work! Hwaiting! lets prove those antis wrong! wonderfuls lets stick together and support The Wonder Girls whom we all love!

  4. wondergirls4ever_94 Says:

    I seriously can’t put into words when i read that… even though i should ignore it, i can’t help but think about it… sorry to bring this up…

  5. wondergirls4ever_94 Says:

    this is what someone said on youtube o_O

    KCDK95 (1 hour ago) Show Hide
    0 Poor comment Good comment
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    Wonder Girls
    -Britney Spears (Ye Eun)
    -Jamie Spears (Sun Mi)
    -Lindsay Lohan (So Hee)
    -Leona Lewis (Yu Bin)
    – Worse Korean singer (Sun Ye)

    i’m so hurt by this comment… seriously…

  6. WonderAb Says:

    Totally appreciate the cut!
    Who doesn’t love Park TaeHwan and the Wonder Girls?

    Iwanted to mention that cheenapok00 on YT has uploaded a really good fancam of WonderBang when the prerecording was showing.
    It’s on Kay’s blog if you want to check it out!
    The little BB was so cute especially dancing to Tell Me and Nobody. xD

    thanks cutegiurl!

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