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[fancams] Wonder Bang on MBC Gayo Daejejun January 2, 2009

i am still downloading ths  WG Cut on KBS and it’s downloading really slow….so i can only upload small files for now as i am afraid that my download might stop hahaha ^_^

just 2 fancams for now ^_^ one is during the recording on 12-17-08 and the one is the actual happening on 12-31-08 ^_^ enjoy hahha ^_^


as everyone knows the WB Special Stage is pre-recorded so here is the fancam during their recording ^_^

another one is a fancam during the actual day on 12-31-08 so when we see this special stage on TV it is different on what the audience se in the actual event ^_^ so yeah….be ready to get dizzy after Seung Ri & Yoobin’s perf hahaha ^_^ it seems like it is not allowed to take fancams but this person won’t give up hahahah Mini GD dances to Tell Me! hahaha adorable ^_^

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


credits: daum & cutegiurl


8 Responses to “[fancams] Wonder Bang on MBC Gayo Daejejun”

  1. Miso_Luv Says:

    Lol did u realize that in the real stage that time there are also a lot of Miso moments
    OMG!! I can’t take my eyes of them….it’s like i always focus on them when they near each other cuz i knew some Miso moments will happen Lol
    Anyway Ye Eun was such a cutie…she was so shy Lol
    Thanx for uploading!!!

  2. Amy Says:

    thank ku!!!!!!!!!!

  3. kjpop Says:

    yeshhhh MORE FANCAMS!!!!!!!!

  4. WonderAb Says:

    I wanted to ask.
    What program do I use to play .mov files?
    Everything I have can’t play it.

  5. WonderAb Says:

    I wish the cam guy filmed for just a bit longer.
    I really wanted to see what SunMi and TOP were gonna do!
    They were just too damn HOT and SEXY for their perf!

  6. WonderAb Says:

    You get to see adoooorable cute things that weren’t shown on the actual cameras.
    thanks cutegiurl!

  7. dabao Says:

    Thanks for sharing these!!! I was totally waiting for fancams for the MB performance…

    WONDERBANG!!!! <333

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