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[clip] 01-01-09 Wonder Girls – New Years Message on SBS Morning Wide News January 2, 2009

Filed under: interview,videos,Wonder Girls — cutegiurl @ 11:35 am

Wonder Girls says Happy New Year to all of us….hehehe i am gonna miss this girls T_T i am missing them already hahahahah i still can’t get over the fact on how pretty or better yet gorgeous these girls are wearing those outfits ^_^ they all look so great ^_^ Keep Safe Wonder Girls and get enough rest and come back with a BANG! like i always say hehehe ^_^

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


credits: wonderholic, daum & cutegiurl


3 Responses to “[clip] 01-01-09 Wonder Girls – New Years Message on SBS Morning Wide News”

  1. WonderAb Says:

    I’m gonna go crazy without them!
    But I’ll be in good thoughts knowing that they’re resting like they deserve to be and hopefully they’re soo relieved of all the stress and just happy.

    thanks cutegiurl

  2. stg821 Says:

    Oy the last bit of Wonder Girls left! *sigh* I know how you feel cutegiurl! I’m missing them like crazy already. How can I obsess about WG now?!

    Well happy new year and thanks for the quick upload. 🙂

  3. dabao Says:

    Thanks for sharing this so fast!!!! <333

    I miss the girls too already ~ ~ T_T 2009 will be so boring if there’s no Wonder Girls..

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