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[info] 2008 SBS Gayo Daejun December 29, 2008

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Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Festival S! 2008 SBS Gayo Daejun

MC : Lee Hyori, Lee Chun Hee & Park Ye Jin [lol! the Family Outing Cast! hehe]

Date: Monday, December 29, 2008  9:55 PM

Location: Ilsan Kintex

Stars: Rain, Lee Hyori, Dong Bang Shin Ki, Big Bang, Wonder Girls, Seo Tae Ji, Kim Jong Kook, Eun Ji Won, Epik High, Dynamic Duo, Super Junior Happy, SG Wannabe, Son Dam Bi, FT Island, Jewelry, Brown Eyed Girls, 2PM, 2AM, Kara, BoA, etc.


* [Scandal] – 2008 Best Icon – Rain + Lee Hyori

Korea’s Top Stars, Rain & Lee Hyori will collaborate once again! After 5 years ago where Rain & Lee Hyori first collaborate for their Legendary Tango performance.

* [Star Wars] – Best Idol Group Dream Stage

– [Piano Battle] – DBSk’s Xiah Junsu & Big Bang’s Tae Yang Joint Stage

– [Dance Battle] – DBSK’s Uknow Yunho, Super Junior’s Eun Hyuk, Big Bang’s Seung Ri, SHINee’s Tae Min & 2PM’s Jae Bum

– [Wonder Boys 2] – Shin Dong, Sung Min, Seung Ri, Jo Kwon, Tae Min

They gather again after Inkigayo’s 500th Episode Special to have another performance but this time expect an upgrade plus a surprise.

* [1 Year Waiting] – 2008 Hit Music Drama

Big Bang’s Seung Ri & Dae Sung and So Nyeo Shi Dae’s Tae Yeon & Yuri are the cast of this music drama with some romance and cute comic acting.

* 2008 Dong Bang Shin Gi’s Last Stage

* Dance & Humor – Fun Performance of Super Junior Happy

* Seo Tae Ji’s First Appearance after ’95 Gayo Show

* World’s Star, BoA will perform again on Korean Stage after 1 year & 6 months. She will perform her U.S. debut, Eat You Up + Look Who’s Talking

* Seung Ri’s(Big Bang) first Solo Stage 

* Expect a radical transformation for the first featuring concept of Wonder Girls’ Nobody


wow! so many performance i look forward too!!!!!! especially the one of WG!!! hehehe ^_^

welll i did my very best to translate this hehe

credits: wonderholic & cutegiurl(translation)


13 Responses to “[info] 2008 SBS Gayo Daejun”

  1. sun.hei Says:

    i’m also so excited like everybody else…wonder what our girls will going to do..:D it’ll be fun! just a few more minutes..
    can’t waiiiittt~~
    thx so much for the info^^

  2. WonderAb Says:

    WONDER BOYS!<333333333
    I remember the So Hot perf that they had!
    Ahh they were so cute hahahahha
    Anyway I can’t wait for these perfs it’ll be insane!
    I hope I can stay up..
    It’ll be like 6 in the morning for me
    Since I can’t wake up early to save my life. ;x

    thanks cutegiurl!

  3. eve_wu Says:

    i ever use tv ants…and it’s worked…
    you can watch SBS online too, mnet online too, i forgot, between MBC/KBS cannot watch online…
    thank you for sharing..

  4. Miso_luv Says:

    OH really…hope she’s okay
    Anyway, i found out the way to watch it live now…i dunno if it will work or not but give it a try if u want
    1: Search for TVants. install it to ur computer and open it and looking for SBS CJB Gayo Daejun
    2: http://www.tvchannelsfree.com/watch/4033/SBS-CBJ—South-Korea.html <- this link

  5. eve_wu Says:

    you know beside wonder girls fans, i’m hyori fans too…
    but this is time there is no hyori..
    because she was collapsed at her home at Dec 26, still in the hospital until now…
    all her performance was canceled, Dae Sung replaced her as MC, rain expected to have solo performance…

  6. Miso_luv Says:

    I was looking for watch it online now and i found a lot of SBS channel =.=…could u tell me which SBS channel or all SBS channel will show it??
    there are GTB SBS, SBS UBC and SBS CBJ…..wow…confuse >_<

  7. farah Says:


  8. CT Says:

    Ooohh! I’m excited already! Wonder what our girls will be up to ^^ Thanks for the info!! Can’t wait!!! =D

  9. wondergirls4ever_94 Says:

    how about snsd, kara, jewelry and ect. are they going to do a performance too??? wow, i can’t wait for the Wonder Girls!!! they always bring awazing surprises… remember the GDA 2008 performance… WONDER GIRLS AND WONDERFULS HWAITING!!! thanks for the info!!!

  10. Lolagurl Says:

    omo!! i’m psych!! this is awesome thanks so much for the translation i’ m soo lookin forward to this..and wondergirls.!!! they didn’t have much description of what wondergirls going to do..but surprise is always good and i believe that the girls will shine one more time..i KNOW IT..lol..after seeing their award show performances..i believe the girls can do anything lol…GOSH U DON’T KNOW HOW EXCITED I AM!!! ok thanks again..and please upload..! 😀 thank you!!

    • cutegiurl Says:

      i’m also excited to! and i am always ready for surpriss ^+^ i like the fact that they didn’t say that much aout what WG is going to do hehhe ^_^ so let’s just expect something awesome! ahahha

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