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[pis+rar] 12-25-08 Seoul Doll Fair 2008 December 26, 2008

ok here are the pics ^_^ the girls are so cute & pretty lol i love their expressions! hahaha ^_^ Sunmi now wants to eat her doll! hahahah

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


credits: daum & cutegiurl


6 Responses to “[pis+rar] 12-25-08 Seoul Doll Fair 2008”

  1. sara Says:

    sun mi so cute

  2. sun.hei Says:

    haha lol 10 dolls in 1st picturexD
    those little Nobody bears are so cute!^^ i want one…
    & sunmi is always hungry? she seems like want to eat everything..what a dork<3

  3. Miso_luv Says:

    Lol u re so right…there are 10 dolls in 1st pic
    It like sun mi has eating disorder recently Lol

  4. cutegiurl Says:

    um no? there are 10 dolls in the 1st pic!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha ^_^

  5. tarro Says:

    OoO I COUNT 6 dolls ON THE first PIC!! @_@

  6. purrplelover Says:


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