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[info] 2008 The Last Show! Music Core December 26, 2008

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ok here are the performances for the last show for this year on Music Core ^_^ looking forward to see them perform So Hot & Nobody ^_^ i guess the special stages wherein they will perform songs that are not theirs will be for the Gayo Daejuns of the 3 broadcasting stations hehe ^_^ namely SBS, KBS & MBC heheeh ^_^

 i’m loving the title for their performance hahaa “CORE of the K-POP” that really fits them as Wonder Girls are really the core! hahaha & Big Bang too! lol Go Wonder Bang! hahahah


ohhh and tomorrow will be the 1st year Anniversary of Wonder Equation! this bloG!

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*2008 Super-Star RETURNS *

– Rain – Fresh Woamn + Rainism

– DBSK – 악녀 + 주문-MIROTIC

– SS501 – U R Man

*2008 Core of the K-POP*

– Big Bang – Only Look At Me + Haru Haru + Sunset Glow

– Wonder Girls – So Hot + Nobody

*2008 Legend DANCE*

– Jewelry – Cinderella + One More Time

– Son Dambi – Crazy + Bad Boy

*2008 Hot Boys*

– SHINee – Nuna,You’re So Pretty + A.Mi.Go.

– 2PM – Only You(Winter Special) + 10 point out of 10

*2008 Hot Girls*

– SNSD – Kissing You

– Brown Eyed Girls – L.O.V.E. + How

– Davichi – Love and War

*2008 Shiny SOLO*

– Baek Ji Young – Like Being Hit by a Bullet

– Kim Jong Kook – Thank You + Today more than Yesterday

*2008 The Last Recommendation*

– Kara – Pretty Girl

– K Will ft. Jang Geun Ee – Love119


credits: wonderholic & cutegiurl(translations)


17 Responses to “[info] 2008 The Last Show! Music Core”

  1. wgwg5 Says:

    anyone willing to help me create an international site for wonder girls since alvin is closing wonder girls wonderland and we need a GREAT international site for the girls… (just like soshified)?

    • cutegiurl Says:

      there IS already an international site for WG and it’s spectacle….it is already known by quite a lot of Wonderfuls and i tell you it IS hard to make a site or blog be known….so my suggestion is that you can just help on spectacle to make it GREATER than it already is ^_^

  2. sun.hei Says:

    i can’t wait for the Gayo Daejuns…and for Music Core as well!=]
    Happy 1st Anniversary For Wonder Equation!!^^
    You know you’re Jjang cutegiurl! i’ll be always very thankful for your hard work..Thanks for everything that you give us Wonderfuls with your only and unbeatable site.<3

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