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Thank You Very Much Alvin!(coolsmurf) December 25, 2008

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WonderGirls Wonderland was created by alvin or famously known as coolsmurf….it was a blog that i visit the first when i wake up & open my laptop….and it is also the last site i visit before i go to bed….i have been up to date with WG news thanks to you my friend ^_^ it was a great journey with you but i’m sad that the journey ends here………………


thank you so much alvin/coolsmurf for all the news & translations that you have shared with us this past year ^_^ you had been a great source & also a great Wonderful ^_^ which i know you won’t stop being a Wonderful hehehe ^_^ anyways i still can’t get over the fact that you will stop updating Wonder Girls Wonderland….it is such a waste….


but then we can’t really do anything do we? it’s your decision and we will respect it! Thank you so much alvin for your hardwork! i can’t thank you more enough! words are not enough i tell yah!


well everyone, tell alvin your gratitude! hehehe ^_^


this slogan will forever remain in our hearts

Wonder Girls Wonderland

2AM 2PM Joo Wonder Girls, we’re siblings, so it’s ok~ 17 siblings…information about wonderful Wonder Girls


9 Responses to “Thank You Very Much Alvin!(coolsmurf)”

  1. wondergirls4ever_94 Says:

    i have a feeling that he has lost his passion for Wonder Girls… even if he wanted to stop Wonder Girls Wonderland, why does he have to stop updating their videos on his youtube account? Once and Wonderful, always a wonderful! i hope he realises that many people are supporting him, and how we Wonderfuls need him… because of antis isn’t strong enough as a reason to stop updating about our girls… We Wonderfuls will always support and love the girls through thick and thin, remember? don’t stop loving The Wonder Girls Alvin, please…

    Their solo concert is coming up… how can you do this…

  2. newdarkside Says:

    you’re right, cutegiurl. this news is kind of a big shock for me that i can’t leave any reply on his bad news. now there’re only two of my favourite blogs; kay’s and yours. T_T

  3. sun.hei Says:

    yeah it’s sad… i totally agree with you cutegiurl in all the thing that you write here.

    Again thanks Coolsmurf. For me he will be always the biggest Wonderful who i look up to.

  4. IheartSunMi Says:

    his site was the first one i knew about when i became a
    wonderful.. i’ll really miss it =/

  5. Ab Says:

    oh nevermind! Forget the first line of my comment! I just read your reply where you said you were going to do it anyway haha.

  6. Ab Says:

    Yayy I’m glad you took my suggestion into action!
    Alvin is cute!! Ididn’t know what he looked like but he’s a cutie pie!
    It’s so true. I can’t beleive he’s closing down Wonderland.. after so much has happened.
    I’m hoping that he’ll come back but if he doesn’t I also respect his decision and I hope he has a good background Wonderful life. :).
    we will surely miss him.

  7. kjpop Says:

    It’s so effin sad =[ I check out his site religiously and yet he closes it down T___T

  8. Miso_luv Says:

    Wow so sad but like u said we can’t do anything about this.
    So i respect and appreciate his decision and all his work

  9. DiY_MaN Says:

    Is this Photo Alvin? I so sad but respect his decice.
    no word to say. see you ^_^

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