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[clip] 12-21-08 Wonder Girls Preview on Immortal Music Classics December 22, 2008

yeah the preview ^_^ hehe it looks fun ^_^ can’t wait to watch it ^_^

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


credits: wonderholic, daum & cutegiurl


3 Responses to “[clip] 12-21-08 Wonder Girls Preview on Immortal Music Classics”

  1. wondergirls4ever_94 Says:

    unnie, i feel so down these days… so many things have happend in my personal life… and usually to cheer me up is to share my love for wonder girls with wonderfuls, it really means alot too me… I have try my hardest to be stong and ignore those antis… but i have givin a lot of thought about their comments, they are sometimes true… i really envy snsd sometimes, and i understand why wonder girls feel the same way…

    i have been praying alot, because i hope Wonder Girls and wonderfuld will be strong as ever… i hope we all be strong for 2009, because that year will be Wonder Girls vs SNSD… and alot of hating and bashing will be involved… sorrt for my comment if you find it annoying…

  2. Bert Says:

    love ya! please keep up the good work!
    ajaja fighting!

  3. DiY_MaN Says:

    Thank ^_^ , When this show on air?

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