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[UU+MF] 12-19-08 Wonder Girls CUT on Intimate Note Episode 7 December 20, 2008

Filed under: Intimate Note,So Hee,Sun Mi,Sun Ye,videos,Wonder Girls,Ye Eun,Yoo bin — cutegiurl @ 6:51 am

ok i haven’t watch this so no comments about this show yet hheheh ^_^ anyways it’s like 6:40 in the morning hahaha and i am like half asleep…..haha…..anyways i will uplaod this later today ^_^ and i also haven’t finished downlading the WG CUT for the Gag Concert….it’s so sloooooow…..


upload complete!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

USAupload: 001

Mdiafire: 002 | 003 | 004

*download all and join them with HJSplit*

credits: WGCN & cutegiurl


10 Responses to “[UU+MF] 12-19-08 Wonder Girls CUT on Intimate Note Episode 7”

  1. LeiLos Says:

    whyyyyyyyy cant i download? oh my goodness!! im gonna pass out.. im dying to see this intimate note by wonder girls.. why? why? why? oh why? huhuh…

  2. kjpop Says:

    thanks for the upload =D

  3. Khayn Says:

    This episode is hilarious!

    Thanks alot fo the upload.

  4. lyf Says:

    thanks so much for this~

  5. tarro Says:

    im sure this would be so awesome when i rewatch it with subs!!
    btw thanks cutie ur awesome as always.

  6. eve_wu Says:

    omoo…cutegiurl…thank you..for uploadng this.
    i’m newbie here…
    i like your blog so much…and this is my first time i searching all around your blog..because before i just go to download page…why? because i don’t know some reason my internet connection always got delay if i want o go your blog, so i just keep your download page at my favorite..and checking around new stuff…but now…i want to be patient to wait and watch your blog and read every updates carefully…=) fighting

  7. Miso_luv Says:

    Wahaha…this show has so much fun
    But after all, i realize that Miso is still the best…u can see it at the end..
    Thank u so much for uploading!!!

  8. loveyoobin Says:

    Thanks! This episode is very nice 😀

  9. wondergirls4ever_94 Says:

    i can’t wait to see the subbed version… unnie, do you know if wonder girls will be doing a special stage on Music Bank or Music Core?

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