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[pic] FreeStyle Street Basketball Online Game poster December 16, 2008

as coolsmurf said WG will be endorsing this game ^_^ so expect again another set of new ics and a CF!

Ye eun & Yoobin are working those jerseys! i love yoobin’s headhone ^_^ & cap hehe

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

credts: wonderholic & wg wonderland


5 Responses to “[pic] FreeStyle Street Basketball Online Game poster”

  1. Miso_Luv Says:

    Wow…looks cool isn’t it?
    I must try this game xDD

  2. wondergirls!!!!!!! Says:

    thats so cool !
    they look cute 🙂
    i want yoobin’s headphioens T_T

  3. sun.hei Says:

    basketball game? haha so random..but sounds good=)
    our girls can endorse everythingxD

    the picture looks cool and i love yoobin’s looks![lol looks looks…] the cap&the headphones are ❤ i want those.
    & LoL at dorky sunmixd

  4. AhmaMia Says:

    yoobin looks soooo cool ^^

  5. tarro Says:

    lol sunmi looks like a real baller cuz shes so tall.

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