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[pics+rar] 12-10-08 Golden Disk Awards December 11, 2008

there are a total of 135 pics! i collected all that i saw in daum! this rar file includes pics from Red Carpet, performances, Awardings & also really HQ and huge fantaken pics!!!


here are some resized samples ^_^ download the rar to get the original sizes

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

fantaken pics

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


credits: daum, etbbong , as tagged & cutegiurl


5 Responses to “[pics+rar] 12-10-08 Golden Disk Awards”

  1. mErA Says:

    Wow !!!

    Thx 4 sharing ^^=

  2. sun.hei Says:

    thank you so much~~
    the girls look gorgeous<3

  3. Bert Says:

    Hey! I just wanna say THANK YOU!Thanks for making life easy for people like us. I really love the effort you put into uploading everything in 1 folder. Thanks!FIGHTING!

  4. krysti Says:

    I’m surprise when all the girls come together wearing short skirt or dresses no one says anything about them. But when Sohee’s all by herself wearing a dress too short people’s always be complaining about her. Idk, but maybe there might be jealousy involve with Sohee’s looks. Maybe her face, her legs, or even her gorgeous body figure? Beside all this, is anyone complaining about Sunye’s wardrobe? She look flawless in it. No complaining here!. Thank you.

  5. U.Bin Says:

    wow such pretty pics ~
    sun mi is sooo pretty and her legs too

    its so sad that the other members look a lil fat beside sun mi (lol)
    she is just too thin but have most pretty legs X D

    all others are thin and okay body as well but beside sun mi… hehe… X d

    kyah ha ~ sun mi pretty ~~

    ps: your blog is snowing o,Ö ~~cute haha

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