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[pics+rar] 12-08-08 Recording pics for Wonder Bakery December 10, 2008

there are 25 pics in it ^_^ well i guess all these “getting close” things really did work out between Yoobin & Sohee ^_^ haha nice! but i miss MiSo! wah! Sohee gets closer to Yoobin but what about Sunmi?! don’t forget Sunmi! Sunmi also has her attention to her cat, Mango but what about your bang ool ee!(Sohee) please don’t forget her either! wah! hahaha ^_^

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


credits: daum, as tagged & cutegiurl


2 Responses to “[pics+rar] 12-08-08 Recording pics for Wonder Bakery”

  1. iCE Says:

    Thanks ^^”

  2. 2B-Roxy{Bo-Hiem} Says:


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