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[pics] 2 unseen pics of Sunmi + 1 Hyuna recent pic December 10, 2008

Filed under: Hyuna,Pictures,So Hee,Sun Mi,Wonder Girls,Yoo bin — cutegiurl @ 6:55 am

yeah these were during the So Hot days ^_^ lol it sounds so old when i said that hahah ^_^ Sunmi looks like Lee Hyun Ji here ^_^

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

+ the recent pic of Hyuna

credits: etbbong, daum & cutegiurl


6 Responses to “[pics] 2 unseen pics of Sunmi + 1 Hyuna recent pic”

  1. Kamille Says:

    wow.. they area wearing identical white rubber shoes… haha..
    yeah yubin unni is thin here…. and sunmi is doing her mouth exercise hahaha

  2. AhmaMia Says:

    sunmi’s weird facial expression make her strangely adorable

    i really love dorky sunmi


  3. NC Says:

    Skinny Yoobin here. She looked good. But chubby Yoobin looks good too. As long as it is Yoobin 😀

  4. Nuguya? Says:

    dang Yoobin looks so thin O_O

  5. Miso_Luv Says:

    Lol Sun Mi is in her own world again…so freakin’ dorky

  6. Frenchy_nana Says:

    Oh my god yoo bin looks so thin it doesn’t look so healthy
    but now she’s way better ^^

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