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[clip] 12-05-08 Wonder Girls on Mnet Wide News December 7, 2008

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i really love the fact that whenever WG had an interview with Mnet Wide News…Sohee seems to be so comfortable ^_^ i lvoe it haha ^_^ sohee is so flawless here haha so pretty well all of them are…they talked about SUnmi’s Special Stage when she danced to CSJH’s One More Time, OK? hehehe and yeah sunmi seem embarassed about it…this interview made me want to watch that perf again haha ^_^ anyways they are so pretty here i love sohee’s smiley face here it looks so dorkie and cute hahaha


oh and they also talked about their last perf on MCountdown for Nobody…sad but true huhuhu well we can just wat for another awesome single/album ^_^ oh and i look forward for their concert ^_^

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credits: WGCN & cutegiurl


2 Responses to “[clip] 12-05-08 Wonder Girls on Mnet Wide News”

  1. sun.hei Says:

    i’m also sad… i will miss the awesome nobody perfs from our girls but yeah i’m happy bcuz now they can get some rest^^ finally..bcuz lately all the girls seemed so tired='( but now they can respire^^
    haha and sunmi’s so cute being embarassed bcuz of the sexy one more time, ok? performance^^ haha but she was really smexy..xP

    can’t wait for the concerts…^^

  2. wondergirls4ever_94 Says:

    i’m sad but glad at the same time… they can get some rest now! i’m sure their 2nd album will be huge! i can’t wait, and i hope their concert becomes a huge success!!! wonder girls hwaiting!!!

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