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[torrent+UU] Mnet Wonder Bakery Episode 5 (12-03-08) December 4, 2008

ok here is ep 5!

for now i won’t be saying an spoilers as my head is driving me crazy…it hurts so much T_T all i can say is that this episode is so much fun ^_^


anyways here is the torrent and also as usual i will be uploading the splitted parts of this show ^_^ you have to join them with HJSplit ^_^ i uploaded the smallest part first the 1st & 2nd part wll be uploaded tomorrow ^_^

Uploaded all parts!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

USAupload (torrent)

USAupload (splitted parts): 001 | 002 | 003

*join them all with HJSplit*

credits: movierg(torrent), WGCN(video file) & cutegiurl


5 Responses to “[torrent+UU] Mnet Wonder Bakery Episode 5 (12-03-08)”

  1. allie Says:

    What is HJSplit?

    • cutegiurl Says:

      wel HJSplit is a software program that let’s you join the splitted parts of a videos…or split a really big file…welll you can use HJSplit to join the splitted parts that i always provide and so then you can watch it in a single file ^_^..you can google it if you want to download it or just go to my “Free Programs” page and downlaod the JSplit there…i provided a download link there ^_^

  2. M!ss V.I.P Says:

    wooow thanx a lot
    but plz can you put it in the
    download list becuase when i search
    a bout it i can’t find the episode ..><..

  3. iLOVEsunmi Says:

    Thanks for uploading this!
    loved the duck’s decoration done by sunmi >.<

    & sohee getting ‘rejected’ HAHAHAA!

  4. dabao Says:

    Thanks for uploading this.. This episode was hilarious… =>

    Get well soon cutegiurl !!! It must be the cold weather right now.. Take good care of your body!!!

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