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[pics] 12-02-08 Open Concert Batch 2 + Bonus(1 Ivy Club pic) December 3, 2008

another set of pics of our beautiful girls ^_^ and what a treat! my fave member is in between the girls! Sunmi must be delighted to see her idol, Tae Yeon ^_^ hahaha ^_^ i am toO! hehe anyways i want to watch this performance now!!!! wahhhh hehehe


this maybe off topic but if anyone of you have read or watched the movie/book Twilight, Ye eun can pass as one of the vampires! haha ^_^ with her white skin lol haha and those eyes and hair!! hahaha i bet she can be great in portraying a vampire! hahaha she can take up the role of Rosalie, the beautiful blonde girl ^_^ haha if ever they make a Korean Version of Twilight i hope they take Ye eun as Rosalie! lol! hahah me and my dreams! hahahaha! Sorry for being bias towards Ye eun but she really look absolutely stunninG! which really reminded me of the characters of Twilight as the vampires there have absolutely stunning looks too! hehehe.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

more here plus the bonus

and here is a bonus IVY Club pic…even though this kinda look like a fan made but believe it or not it’s for IVY Club -_- i saw this part where they were taking pic of our girls with those black boards on their faces hahaha ^_^


credits: as tagged, wonderholic & cutegiurl


6 Responses to “[pics] 12-02-08 Open Concert Batch 2 + Bonus(1 Ivy Club pic)”

  1. chibie Says:

    I wuz like counting Nd counting xD
    Nd looking Nd looking.. lma0oo
    ahww.. supaa!! I don’t like snsd.., but I do like taeyeon!! x3

  2. GiGi Says:

    Now that you mention it, she would be a good Rosalie. Probably because she does have a very sophisticated look to her. TOP would be a good Edward. xD

  3. U.Bin Says:

    haha there I missed something ~ lol

    its for me a nightmare to see this lol ~ keke joke
    but yeah .. SNSD member with WG : D ..
    kay ~I not have this performance ~ was on TV already ?
    I am too stupid ~
    and now when I go one page back on your Blog I will see you uploaded it , huh? haha

    na I will see now : d

  4. wondergirls4ever_94 Says:

    so beautiful… ye eun unnie looks like lee hyori unnie!

  5. sun.hei Says:

    waah more pictures*.*

    they look so pretty^^ i want to watch the preformances.. it should be angelic:D ooh and Tae and our Sunmi are in one stage? together??? haha i’m sure sunmi is so happyxD and me too=] it’s nice to see some WonderGeneration^^

    thanks again^.^

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