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[torrent+UU] Mnet Wonder Bakery Episode 4 (11-26-08) November 27, 2008

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yay! hehe this episode is so much fun!

ALL PARTS UPLOADED! i added a torrent file ^_^


ok i’m about to say major spoilers so if you don’t want to read it then just go ahead and click more to download the file ^_^ haha i have warned you ok ^_^

hahaha especially that Sohee is really comfortable now with her partner hahah i love sohee’s reactions! lol so dorkie! haha love this side of her ^_^ sunye’s partner seems like he wants to do everything hahaha ^_^ and ye eun’s partner was really sweet when he make ye eun a drink for her colds hahaha so sweet!!!^_^ Yoobin was such a dork eating that strawberry when they had a change of parners for 30 mins ^_^ anyways as for the cake i really like the concept of Yoobin & her partners cake ^_^ Yoobin’s partner is really great in this ^_^ he has a wild imagination ^_^ great job!


but anyways they didn’t get 1st place this time ^_^ guess who won~~~~~~~~~~*drum roll*~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ it’s Sunmi & her partner hahahaha ^_^with their bear cake ^_^ for ye eun & her partner’s cake…i also like their concept it’s just that i dont think it will be eaten by kids more like it will be eaten by teenagers hahaha ^_^ like me hahha ^_^ anyways 2 persons were out today T_T which is sad because all my fave persons are out! wah!!!!! i just love that sohee is now comfortable with her partner but does she have to face another awkard moment with another? wah!!!! i hate it huhuhuhu T_T and then ye eun and her partner were really going well…they really look like they are long time friends which is why i like their relationship among the other partners the most! wah! why does this have to happen!!!! anyways it’s their cakes that will tell if they will stay or not, not their relationship with the WG members…but….oh well…gotta move on hahaha ^_^ they better give ye eun & sohee good partners! and not like the guy that they give to Sunye wish i think it’s inappropriate for the show hahah ^_^ he must be like entering a REAL & SERIOUS pattisier program and not here hahaah he is too serious & too professional looking -_-;…anyways i guess awkwards moments with sohee & her new partner will be just around the corner…..let’s then wait for next week for another WONDER BAKERY! kekekekkeke


i have not yet uploaded the download links ^_^ please wait for them ^_^

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USAupload (torrent)

USAupload: 001 | 002 | 003

*join all with HJSplit*


credits: WGCN & cutegiurl


7 Responses to “[torrent+UU] Mnet Wonder Bakery Episode 4 (11-26-08)”

  1. roswellgirl Says:

    hey there..sorry for bothering u but can u please reupload cut 2 & 3 ?the links are dead..huhu

  2. iLOVEsunmi Says:

    hehe! thanks for uploading on MF! ❤

  3. Miso_Luv Says:

    I just thinking exactly what u thinking…It takes So Hee quite long time to get used to her partner….So i quite worry about her next partner…Cuz i prefer her funny side than her awkwardness side
    All the girls are working so well with their partner…And i agree with u that Sun Ye’s partner takes this competition way so serious…
    But like u said, we got to move on…

  4. dodoh Says:

    my torents not wrking 😦

  5. cutegiurl Says:

    the next ep will be aired on Wednesday next week ^_^

  6. yb Says:

    yayy! i was just wondering whether or not the next ep had aired. can’t wait to watch! thanks so much! 😀

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