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[UU] 11-26-08 Wonder Girls – Interview about MKMF on Mnet Wide News November 27, 2008

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now this is not the ordianry interview haha this time they are in the actual studio of Mnet Wide ^_^ they talk about the happenings at MKMF ^_^ like their awards, their perf of the Tanago Version of Nobody and more and also the Girl Host said that WG & Big Bang looks good together and that when they are coupled together thay are pretty couples haha that’s what she said lol


anyways i have yet to upload this ^_^ will upload this after Wonder Bakery ^_^

All parts uploaded!

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USAupload: 001 | 002 | 003

*join all with HJSplit*

credits: WGCN & cutegiurl


5 Responses to “[UU] 11-26-08 Wonder Girls – Interview about MKMF on Mnet Wide News”

  1. Ab Says:

    Hurrahh for the full interview!
    Thanks a TON. 😀

  2. epikxlove Says:

    oh why is it uu T__T;;
    Thanks for putting it up though

  3. lyf Says:

    once again thanks a lot for taking out the time for all this~

  4. GiGi Says:

    Ooh la la, Wonderbang name drops? I like the sound of that. Like kysti said, maybe this will encourage more Wonderbang! 😀

  5. krysti Says:

    I agree with the lady host. She’s on the right track about Wonderbang. Heehee. I’m a fan,. so I’m really glad that she brought it up. You hear JYP & YG? A good matching couple! So work on both of your schedule and let Wonderbang happen again.

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