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[single] Wonder Girls – Anybody Digital Single (feat. Dynamic Duo, SAN E & JYP) November 18, 2008

Filed under: Articles,Wonder Girls,[dsingle] Anybody — cutegiurl @ 9:58 pm

this is the Rainstome Remix version that is just edited to become a rap version of Nobody ^_^

sorry if this was late….USAupload is acting up again…i have so many to upload argh! i have like many fancams of MKMF that still needs to be uploaded and also the CUTs of WG in Shows! argH!


oh and this is a rar file…the mp3 is in 320 kbps ans the large version for this cover is in the rar file ^_^

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us



credits: Cloud_Honey & cutegiurl(re-up)


8 Responses to “[single] Wonder Girls – Anybody Digital Single (feat. Dynamic Duo, SAN E & JYP)”

  1. cutegiurl Says:

    the mp3 is inside the rar file you have to extract it using WinRar

  2. hotaruvisca Says:

    can u upload if d mp3 version out…?

  3. GiGi Says:

    Yeah, now that I’ve heard it, I’m a bit disappointed. I expected a new song by Wonder Girls (even though, of course, there wasn’t any news saying that it’d be a new song or anything). And like ab mentioned, each girl’s vocals weren’t even present in the song. I dunno…. I didn’t really like the track.

  4. Miso_Luv Says:

    Oh thanks for uploading

  5. ab Says:

    Wow that was disapointing.
    They cut out MiSo?!

  6. ab Says:

    GiGi said what I was thinking.
    Thanks a TOOOOOONNNN !
    Definately MUCH appreciated.
    Hope you still don’t feel unthanked.

  7. GiGi Says:

    Thank you! I was wondering if Anybody was going to be released since I stopped hearing word about it.

  8. PeNuTT Says:

    Thank you for your uploading!!

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