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[pics] More pic for MKMF: fantaken and official pics from Mnet November 17, 2008

here are more fan taken pics plus the official pics from the Mnet site enjoy! ooh i see a lot of MiSo pic hahaha





Official pics from Mnet

credits as tagged


3 Responses to “[pics] More pic for MKMF: fantaken and official pics from Mnet”

  1. wondergirls4ever_94 Says:

    forget about my comment…

  2. HH Says:

    oh they totally deserve those awards their hard work paid off
    haha made me so happy when they won the song of the year award

  3. wondergirls4ever_94 Says:

    thank you! i wanna ask you a question, i hope you kindly reply… what do you think of wonder girls debuting in the US? as a wonderful it is our job to support them through thick and thin right? well, to be honest i’m worried… i don’t want their kind hearts to be torn apart if the Americans bash them, cuz once they are sad i’m sad too… do you have any advice for me? i think its great to be working hard to fullfill your dreams, the wonder girls showed me that they are hard-working and they can do just about everything… i just don’t want them to be slutty like the other girl groups in the U.S… BoA kwon is having her debut and i’m a afraid if the americans start to compare… Boa is very famous in Asia and in America, so she will have alot of support! i dunno, i’m just worried, I hope they don’t change, and show the americans what the meaning of the best girl group in the world is!

    I’ve always wanted to say this, don’t bash me… Wonder Girls need to work on their singing, their weakness in singing live will make them look bad… honestly i still love them, but they still haven’t impressed some people with their lives… in nobody it was good beacause their dancing wasn’t as hard as thei so hot dance routine… in the so hot and tell me days their lives weren’t that impressive… So, i hope they do something to train their vocals to be 100% ready on the debut in America… WONDER GIRLS AND WONDERFULS FIGHTING!!!

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