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[pic + stream] 11-16-08 MiSoBin on Shim Shim Ta Pa November 17, 2008

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MiSoBin is the shortcut for the trio of Sohee, Sunmi & Yoobin….well these three were also the same guests during their So Hot promotions…only these three…haha to improve their talking skills hehe ^_^ anyways this is just a stream as it is from imeem….i hope i candownload this argh…

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Listen to the full radio show here

credits: wonderholic, imeem & cutegiurl


3 Responses to “[pic + stream] 11-16-08 MiSoBin on Shim Shim Ta Pa”

  1. yb Says:

    thanks for posting! sounded like a fun broadcast! 😀

    sohee was talking more 🙂
    sunmi funny as usual 🙂
    yoobin cute forever 🙂

  2. sun.hei Says:

    i love the last pic^^ sunmi is so adorkable with her expressionxD timon&pumba couple lolxD
    sohee&yubin’s also so cute=]
    i love her fashion soo much.(i know i always say it to the radio pictures..but i just fall in love with their style…) *want the outfits*xP

    thanks for the pics

  3. Chobie Says:

    Hello, been frequently coming to this site and wanted to say thanks for sharing all the wonderful WG media ^.^ So cute how Yoobin and Sohee share the same pose while Sunmi does her own thing keke.

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