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[fancam] 11-15-08 Sohee – Nobody Tango version on MKMF November 17, 2008

ok facam! wahahaha i love this fancam! i can see sohee’s moves quite clear haha ^_^ and ahhh i just love it haha ^_^ must download for all Sohee fans…and i also got to see some of Sunmi’s hehe ^_^


anyways i was away yesterday and i didn’t get to download all the videos for yesterday including WGM, Quiz! Sixth Sense, Sebakwi & Mega TV concert… i miss a lot and when i came to my source to download they were all on their limits…wah i can’t download them…so i’ll be waiting for wgjjang to post thos videos T_T

but i guess i’ll just provide torrents

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


credits: freeegg & cutegiurl


2 Responses to “[fancam] 11-15-08 Sohee – Nobody Tango version on MKMF”

  1. sena Says:

    OMG…thanks cute girls..
    can see sohee clearly now..hehehe

    what a wonderful performanCE!!

  2. ab Says:

    I was hoping someone had a Sohee fancam.
    She kept disappearing behind Sunye unnie!
    Thanks a bunch cutegiurl!
    Very much appreciated!

    p.s will be looking forward to those torrents as I missed everything too. 😦

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