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[HQ-perf] Wonder Girls – Nobody (Tango + Disco version) on 2008 MKMF November 16, 2008

wow! just wow! this is the best Nobody perf ever! even though it’s lip sync….but it’s ok it’s understandable haha ^_^ they must be so tired hehe anyways i have the full Secret Party clip wherein the 2PM boys’ danceis there and also the intro….hehe anyways this clip is purely the perfs of WG ^_^ the Tango version of Nobody with 2PM & the Disco version! i lvoe them both! i really hope the Tango version was longer!!! wah! oh and Congratulations to our girls they truly deserve the awards!!! i am also having problem downloading the other videos argh it keeps on stopping at the near end! argh! stupid QM anyways i mmight upload tem later on including their perf on Music Core & on SIngapore T_T


i won’t be uploading the other videos as our wonderful wgjjang provided them all on her blog


go here to download the cuts of WG in MKMF

Wonder Girls at 081115 Mnet MKMF [downloads]

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


credits: WGCN & cutegiurl


14 Responses to “[HQ-perf] Wonder Girls – Nobody (Tango + Disco version) on 2008 MKMF”

  1. JaaanLeeyy Says:

    ahh thanks for posting this > <

    I'm going to download it 😀

  2. wheee~ the link still works!

    i’m downloading this one because the TP version i have seems to have a glitch 😛

    thanks for sharing!

  3. stoepidcoepid Says:

    thanks a lot!

  4. ~TITTE!~ Says:

    They’re so gorgeos!!

    Thanks for sharing!!!

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