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Fulfilled Requests [Updated: 11-09-08] October 15, 2008

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[Updated: 11-09-08] (recent req. by bang!)

this post will include all the fulfilled request of the people on the Request Page….This post will only include the fulfilled requests…..to make a request please go to the Request Page ^_^

so now you can check this post often to see if your request has been fulfilled ^_^ this post will remain at the top of my blog hehe ^_^

I Repeat

Take note: To Make a request please dont do it here do it on the Request Page on the top most of this blog ^_^ 


all requests that are fulfilled are under this cut…

by bang!: 12-29-07 Wonder Girls VS SNSD – Super Rookies [640 x 352 | AVI]


by iheartsunmi: Wonder Girls – Don’t Cha [Live 2007.12.30] [1920 x 1088 | TS | 261.15 MB]


by SilentNN: The Wonder Year Album re-upload New


by silvette: 04-04-08 Wonder Girls as Interviewers for Clean and Fair Elections on MBC


by silvette: Pizza Bingo CF, Making & Radio Jingle MP3 re-upload

Mediafire: CF | Making | MP3

by wonderbangrawks: MP3 rips of 10-10-07 WG – Tell Me & Ee Babo on SBS-R Inkigayo

Mediafire: Tell Me | Ee Babo

by silvette: Wonder Girls promoting Sendvoice


by silvette: [fancams] 05-30-08 WG  on Inkigayo [i put them in a rar file..that MF link is the link to the folder] 


by Kirarin + Silvette: JYP – KISS Feat. Kim Yoo Bin [Live 2007.11.24] [1920 x 1088 | TS | 501.33 MB


by miso, silvette & others: Various Artists – Christmas Song [Live 2007.12.21] (1280 x 720)

Mediafire: 001 | 002 | 003

by Talebo: Request-MU-Link (2008.10.10 waiting room + performance + award)


by eve_u: Wonder Girls – So Hot & Tell Me @ Ulsan Festival [Live 2008.08.01]


by EinsameReisende: Wonder Girls – Tell Me, Wait A Minute & Diana [Live 2007.11.23] (1280 x 720)

Mediafire: 001 | 002

by mn – Wonder Girls – Dance Break + So Hot [Live 2008.07.13] (1280 x 720)

Mediafire: 001 | 002

for everyone – [HQ] 07-05-08 YeBin – Dance Cut on Star Golden Bell


by cutegiurl – WG MVs in TP or Avi Format

Irony MV (720 x 480) [215.09 MB] ~ TS


Tell Me MV (720 x 480) [233.95 MB] ~ TP

Mediafire: 001 | 002 | 003

Wishing On A Star MV (720 x 480) [264.91 MB] ~ TP

So Hot MV (720 x 480) [134.97 MB] ~ TP

Mediafire: 001 | 002

Nobody MV (720 x 480) [265.34 MB] ~ TP

Wonder Girls – Gajuhga MV.avi (704 x 496)

Wonder Girls – Ebabo MV [Version 2].avi (720 x 480)

Wonder Girls – Sorry Feeling ~Tears~.avi (720 x 480)

by Talebo: MF links for [HQ-Perf] 10-12-08 Nobody on Inkigayo

Mediafire : 001 | 002 | 003

by Josias – Re-up for the Sohee – I Like it Hot Full Audition Clip


by iLOVEsunmi – Mnet Self Cam Eps 1-9

Go here


12 Responses to “Fulfilled Requests [Updated: 11-09-08]”

  1. VEVA76 Says:

    Hello cute!
    I already sent you a email, i think you are so busy, thanks a lot for all wondergirls information, pictures and videos…. you are amazing!!!
    Well i really want request a recorded audio of yubin, sohee and sunmi in shin shin ta pa radio on 2008.07.12
    please help me!!!!

  2. unique Says:

    please reupload keroro fighter live battle
    i use Orbit Downloader
    but the links not work T_T

  3. verrusta Says:

    Introducing Star’s Friend (2008-08-02).avi .torrent

    I can’t download it. I want new link for download please sent link for me.

    Thank you.

    • cutegiurl Says:

      i don’t think i downloaded this one…yeah i did provide for the torrent but i didn’t download it as i can’t find it in my hard drive T_T i’ll try to download it from somewhere and re upload it here on my blog…i’ll try my best to find it…

  4. Thu Says:

    ooh… I tried downloading Tell Me MV part 2. But everytime I click “download….” it just reloads the page. 😦

  5. epikxlove Says:

    I have photos from the NYC concert~~
    I have no where else to share them so if You want to post it here, I’ll be more than glad to send them to you 🙂
    I got some really good videos and pictures ^^

  6. ann Says:

    thanks a lot
    I love tell me live!

  7. alwayshere Says:

    Thank you very much for uploadung…

  8. kin-s Says:

    thanks alots for the irony and wishing star link

  9. HH Says:

    thank you so much for the vids!

  10. U.Bin Says:

    something is wrong with the IRONY and Wishing on a Star MV Links …

    here is again:

    Irony: http://www.usaupload.net/d/lom20heie2b
    W.O.A.S: http://www.usaupload.net/d/u7gtijuyela

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