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Looking for Wonderful Contributors September 25, 2008

Filed under: blog news,Wonder Girls — cutegiurl @ 7:16 pm

Hello it’s me cutegiurl ^_^ i just thought since many fans from all over the world are visiting here on my blog..well not that many actually but anyways i’ve decided to look for contributors…and these are the qualifications:

Since WG has already been known & went to China, Thailand, New York & Korea(of course)

and hereare the characteristics.

Wonder Equation Contributor’s Characteristics:

1. Must be a living in Korea,China,Thailand & America(I can accept 1 or two for each country).[i can accept persons from any other countries as long as they will be a great& fast source for videos/pics & news]

2. Already have some personal files like photos or videos of WG from their town that they can share.

3. Be willing to share all of the WG files she/he got wholeheartedly to others.

4. Can converse in english well (doesn’t really have to be fluent).

5. Have a lot of free time to upload and post the latest news & files of WG.

6. Will be dedicated to the job he/she receives.

7. Will be willing to do this freely without any desire to get paid.

8. Kind & patient (lol..i want to cooperate with nice people!haha)

 oh and i need 1 or 2 persons that is capable of finding and uploading High Quality videos of Wonder Girls…heheh please do apply

well these are the qualifications…do you get what i meant by having the ethnicities? i mean WG have been to China, Thailand & in some parts of America…for those who are living there and got a chance to see WG of course they have like pics or videos of them haha that’s what i want to get and to share with other people in this blog. I want to share WG files that have never been shared as they were only for personal use lol do you guys get what i mean? i hope people can be a prt of this WG blog community ^_^


31 Responses to “Looking for Wonderful Contributors”

  1. cutegiurl Says:

    ah no please do help me ^_^ it will be nice if you can be a part of this blog ivy ^_^

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